JCW believe our responsibility falls beyond providing the customer exactly what they ask for, but more so, we aim to endorse the most socially responsible solutions. Solutions that deliver on both longevity and efficiency, as well as being environmentally conscious. We have been actively singing the praises for R32 charged AC equipment for a while now, and we have been installing them for even longer. A few blogs ago we wrote about clients in the Retail and Leisure industry already leading the way in embracing new air conditioning technology, this is a case study regarding one of them.

R32 Refrigerant, Buzz Bingo and Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA)

Buzz Bingo, previously known as Gala are replacing more than just their trading name. In recent years Gala Group phased in sustainability initiatives and committed to choosing R32 Air Conditioning equipment for all future replacement projects where suitable. JCW has been supporting them in providing solutions with this initiative for the past year.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme provides businesses with enhanced tax relief for investment in energy-saving equipment that meets specified Government criteria. Our clients can write off 100% of the investment against taxable profit in the year the investment is made. This year, JCW has completed just over 30 R32 replacements for Buzz Bingo, with more in the pipeline for the final quarter of the year.

Buzz Bingo Ashton Under Lyne

Located in Greater Manchester, within the Ashton-Under-Lyne Retail Park, West of the train station, The Retail Park hosts several large retail units. The largest of which is the recently rebranded Gala Bingo, now Buzz Bingo.

The leisure venue is a welcoming place for the community to play all the great bingo games together. The premise also houses an arcade area that will keep the leisure users entertained in the breaks between the main game sessions. The location provides guests with catering facilities where customers can order and consume their food and drinks, disabled and hearing facilities are also available. The premise is a spacious hall that easily houses 250 leisure users, therefore the need for efficiency in cooling and heating is of paramount importance.  

JCW’s Mission

Buzz Bingo requested equipment that is qualified by the Energy Technology List (ETL) for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA). So JCW enlisted the expertise of our long-term partner Daikin, who is also the Leisure Group’s first choice when it comes to high-efficiency R32 air conditioning equipment.

The Equipment Chosen: R32 Alpha Series

The R32 air conditioning equipment chosen were from the Daikin’s Sky Air Alpha Series which has the top energy efficiency rating of A++. By choosing this R32 products with high energy efficiency and lower refrigerant charge, the Leisure Group reduces the environmental impact by 68% compared to R410A products. The Alpha AC equipment will also offer Variable Refrigerant Temperature, which means maximum efficiency and comfort throughout most of the year with a quick reaction speed on the hottest days. Outside temperatures should almost never pose a problem as the operation is guaranteed in both heating and cooling mode when it is down to -20°C outside – brrrr.

Our Small Works team

JCW’s Small Works division is a team lead by National Installations Manager Mick Stevenson. Mick surveyed the site, assessed the health & safety risks and proposed a mixture of 10kW and 14kW ceiling cassette options, to suit the areas purpose and hall size. A total of 9 units were proposed for the high ceiling bingo hall, and order was given shortly after by the bingo leisure centre for the installation the ceiling cassettes.

Here’s what was installed:

Key Facts (air conditioning systems)

Manufacturer Chosen: Daikin

Location: Bingo Main Hall

Unit(s) and kW: 9 Daikin mixed kW

Equipment: R32 Alpha High COP Round Flow Ceiling Cassettes

Big Challenges

Thieves and Vandals

The Ashton Retail Park has unfortunately suffered from thievery and antisocial behaviour in the past. The installation team were made aware of this and ensured that they prevented materials being taken in broad day light. Due to these antisocial occurrences, a recommendation was agreed for the relocation of the outdoor units from the new improved metal cage at ground level, to a location that was 15 feet up the wall.

The only way is up….

With the alterations made to the original plan, different height equipment was hired to aid the lifting of the condensing units to the newly agreed position. It would prove time, effort and money well invested, as the new position would serve as a more effective deterrent for antisocial behaviour and opportunist thieves.

Client Testimonial

“The install of the AC units in Ashton by Mick Stevenson and the team was one of the most difficult we have experienced for a number of years. Due to some external issues with anti-social behaviour, theft of equipment and potential for more losses for the business we decided to decommission a chiller and use JCW to install multi-split units in a trading bingo club. The team delivered a quality install in some difficult circumstances, identifying the person who vandalised the previous system and through their diligence and consideration for the client they altered the design and location of the external units to prevent further theft. The works were disjointed from our side due to these issues, yet the installation team adapted to the situation and delivered, as always, a high quality of install to the same cost, with the only variation in the contract down to the relocation of the external units at high level. 

Finally, to sum up the after service, Mick and the team kept in touch with the General Manager, set up the controller and advised on how to operate this and kept in touch for the following few weeks to iron out a few operational issues within the site.”

Words from our JCW Project Manager

“JCW have always aspired to deliver first class products and services in a timely and professional manner. Meeting the customers’ expectations is paramount.  Richard’s testimonial is a great credit to the small works team.”

Future Maintenance and further project inclusions

The first year’s maintenance of the air conditioning system has been included within the installation cost. A complete planned preventative maintenance programme has been prepared to run alongside the defects period and 7 year warranty, in line with the manufacturers recommendations and our Daikin accredited installer status.

Is that a wrap?

The project may have ended, but the R32 replacement revolution is on the rise. It is certainly fulfilling to see clients embracing new air conditioning technology, and share the same views on energy efficiency, sustainability and longevity as ourselves. If you want to learn about the benefits of upgrading to R32 charged air conditioning systems, click here to read our eBook for a comprehensive guide.

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