R32 air conditioning upgrades

Retailers are already leading the way in R32 air conditioning upgrades

Many reliable sources (one of which includes NASA, click here to see satellite images) can confirm that our ozone layer has been healing since the Montreal Protocol, which included the ban of R22 refrigerant by 2015. We all know that this process of healing has only just begun and we all have a long way to go in preserving our planet.

Following recent R32 air conditioner training held by Daikin, we learnt a lot in what the next steps are with regard to the use of more environmentally friendly refrigerant. Did you know that R32 has been the "go-to" refrigerant in Japan, Australia and India for years? In fact, Daikin has detected a trend in the industries in the UK, leading the way in opting for R32 air conditioning to replace their non VRF air conditioning systems.

Currently the latest R32 technology of HVAC systems are ideal for premises within the retail and leisure sector as well as small to medium sized offices, who are looking to upgrade their current split systems.

R32 refrigerant and R32 air conditioning manufacturers as well as installers nationally have already seen a range of client types enjoy the benefits of their new R32 air conditioning systems. Here's a few examples:

For office premises in Malvern it was all about the future proofing and as they were using air conditioning units charged with R407c and R410a, which have become increasingly more expensive to maintain and repair since the start of 2017. The office now benefit from the energy efficient running of the R32 wall mount air conditioning systems, the sleek design of the Daikin Emura units and lower maintenance cost.

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Retail store in a grade II listed building in Convent Garden was brought a "greener" solution when R32 air conditioning was installed recently. The option offers longevity and cost efficiency compared to the retailer's . With the added value of low Global Warming Potential, the owner can be assured they are saving on efficiency, repair costs as well as the environment.

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The Carlton Club in Portsmouth is an event venue where members gather for Leisure, the large premises needed systems that provided energy efficient heating in winters as well as cooling in summers. Opting for the R32 units over the R410a was not considered a cheap one by the club committee, however the Club had several areas that required heating, so for savings in the long run, R32 heat pumps were the most energy efficient option. With the increasing cost of R410a refrigerant, the committee recognises the benefit of their R32 choice.

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JCW are qualified installers of R32 equipment

JCW Energy Services have already completed numerous R32 replacement projects around the country for some notable clients.

See a recent R32 installation we completed for a rather well-known sports stadium: