Could your commercial building be more energy efficient, environmental and cost friendly ?

JCW's in-house energy surveyors travel nationally to provide our inspection services for commercialretailindustrial premises and many more. Energy management and environmental accountability is a huge corporate responsibility and is now more important than ever.  For this reason, JCW Energy Services offer a range of services to help you run your business in the most efficient, responsible way possible. Energy performance reports could show ways to save money on business energy bills and improve the comfort of your staff. Some of our clients have been long taking advantage of our energy efficiency inspection services before the government made it compulsory. Energy efficiency inspections should be seen as more than just compliance, the future of our planet are in the hands of socially responsible companies working with trusted and innovative energy surveyors and inspectors, like JCW.

Our TM44 Air Conditioning Systems Inspections are performed by our in house surveyors. Current legislation states that all air conditioning systems domestic or commercial with a cooling output of more than 12 kw should be regularly inspected by an accredited TM44 energy assessor, each mandatory inspection is required every five years after the installation. 

Our energy inspection services also include:

  • Environmental Consulting: This management technique (Monitor and Target M&T) is designed to analyse your energy consumption, providing energy targets and ongoing monitoring for your buildings portfolio. The result – lower carbon emissions and financial savings too.

  • Energy Performance Certification: As accredited Energy Assessors, JCW can provide Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates as part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

  • Energy Benchmarking: Assessing your energy performance, benchmarking it with the rest of the industry and prioritising further energy-efficiency initiatives. We can provide this service in conjunction with our environmental consultancy and energy auditing services, should you wish.

  • Energy Audits: Once JCW's specialists have established your business's energy consumption, they will complete a full energy audit of all buildings. Our findings are then compared with energy performance measures and KPIs to help you implement new, more energy-efficient operational procedures.

For more savings, learn more about BEMS

Building Energy Management Systems integrate the multiple facilities of a building, supporting systems and equipment provided by multiple manufacturers, which enables better control and assessment of the building's heating, air flow and energy consumption. Better managed energy consumption requires better controls, another step closer to a more energy efficient commercial premise.