Providing national Fire Safety Equipment Installation Services to all industries

Ensuring that you have adequate fire safety systems installed in your building is paramount to the well being of the occupants of your building and could quite literally be a matter of life or death. The legislation of fire safety are mainly covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRFSO), as amended. Fire safety is also covered by the Building Regulations and numerous codes of practice and guides which need to be adhered to.

Whether you require the installation of new fire safety equipment or have existing equipment in need of repair, replacing or updating, talk to us. Our Bafe accredited engineers can provide a comprehensive fire safety equipment installation service to include full fire alarm systems, emergency lighting and portable fire fighting equipment.

As a national provider of fire safety installation services we understand the importance of ensuring your property and systems are maintained to current regulations and have years of experience working in a variety of industries and premise types. The following is an overview of the services we provide nationally through our team of qualified, installation engineers.

Fire Risk Assessment (FRA)

Your buildings’ fire risk assessment (FRA) forms the basis of the systems that should be present. The FRA should be suitable to the premises and processes undertaken at the premises and be sufficiently well completed. There are a number of registers for fire risk assessors, JCW follow the PAS 79 Fire Risk Assessment, guidance and methodology from BSI along with the governments guidance for FRA’s that is applicable to the type and use of the premises.

If you require assistance with your FRA and would like to appoint a competent person to complete one for you, get in contact with us, we can complete a professional risk assessment of your premises.

The governments guidance can be found at:

Fire Alarm System Installations

All buildings whether publicly or privately owned have a legal requirement for a minimum level of fire protection and JCW can ensure that you fulfil your legal obligation by having the necessary level of protection for you building.

We can provide a full project management service for your installation from the initial Fire Risk Assessment through to the design, installation or replacement of fire alarm equipment.  We will ensure that new and existing buildings comply with Fire Regulations and maintain structural fire integrity in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is lighting for an unforeseen situation when the mains power supply is lost, and normal illumination fails. This may lead to sudden darkness and a possible danger to staff and customers, either through physical danger or mental distress.

The purpose of emergency lighting is to allow work continuity or in worst-case scenarios, safe evacuation of staff and/or public. The installation of adequate emergency lighting is a legal requirement.

Portable Fire Fighting Equipment

Having the correct fire extinguishers installed in your premises is a vital component of your fire safety strategy. The fire alarm system can alert you to the fact there is a fire, the extinguishers provide the opportunity to put the fire out. It is essential that the occupants of the building are provided sufficient training in the use of portable fire fighting equipment.

Your fire risk assessment will provide guidance as to the amount and type of extinguishers that are required. Fire extinguishers should always be installed and commissioned by qualified engineers and a certificate provided as proof of correct installation and confirm they meet with current regulations.

Other Related Equipment and Systems

Every building is different which is why it is essential that you follow the fire risk assessment recommendations made regarding your specific premises.

Many other building functions can connect to the fire safety systems such as:

  • Smoke Ventilation Systems

  • Fire and Smoke Dampers

  • Smoke and Fire Curtains

  • Evacuation Chairs

  • Building Management Systems

  • Landlord Alarm Systems

  • Smoke Shutters

  • Lifts

  • Automatic Doors

  • Alarm Monitoring

To read more about the regulations and your responsibilities with regard to the maintenance of Life and Fire Safety Systems, download our free eBook - A Guide to Life Safety Systems.