We can provide fire extinguisher installations nationwide

Most premises used for non-domestic purposes come under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Ensuring that there are the correct number of Class and Type of fire extinguishers installed at the premises is a regulatory requirement. The fire extinguishers should be either fixed to the wall or attached to a stand and suitably located.

The commissioning of fire extinguishers should be carried out by a competent person and a certificate provided as evidence that they have been commissioned in accordance with UK regulations.

How many extinguishers should you have?

In the UK the regulations state that you should have at least two Class A fire extinguishers on each floor of the premises. Class A fire extinguishers are for use on wood or paper fires and can be foam or water.

Depending on the equipment in your premises, you will very likely need CO2 extinguishers also which are used to fight electrical fires. These are often paired with a Class A extinguisher.

Also depending on the business conducted you may need specialist extinguishers such as wet chemical and powder extinguishers which should be positioned within easy reach of the the specific fire hazard, for example, a deep fat fryer.

Where should the fire extinguishers be located?

The typical pairing of a Class A and CO2 fire extinguisher are commonly located by exits and fire alarm call points. There should be no more than 30 metres from the appropriate extinguisher on any given floor of your building.

How should extinguishers be fitted?

To ensure you comply with regulations, fire extinguishers should be either fixed to the wall or attached to a stand. All fire extinguishers should be clearly signposted with ID signs which explain which type of extinguisher they are and for what type of fire they should be used.

Fire Extinguisher Commissioning

Only a competent person should commission fire extinguishers to ensure you remain complaint with regulations. We only use BAFE accredited engineers to install fire extinguishers for our customers so you can rest assured they have been assembled and installed correctly and suitable certification will be provided.

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