BAFE accredited JCW provides fire alarm design and installation UK wide

All buildings whether publicly or privately owned have a legal requirement for a minimum level of fire protection and JCW Energy Services can ensure that you fulfil your legal obligation by having the required fire alarm installation to help protect your building and occupants.

We can provide a full project management service for your installation from the initial Fire Risk Assessment through to the design, installation or replacement of fire alarm equipment.  We will ensure that new and existing buildings comply with Fire Regulations and maintain structural fire integrity in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Devices included as part of a fire alarm system

There are a number of devices that form part of a fire alarm installation that work together to detect and warn building occupants when smoke, fire or carbon monoxide is detected. These alarms can be activated by smoke detectors and heat detectors or can be raised by a manual fire alarm activation such as via a manual call point. The alarm itself can be either a motorised bell or wall mounted sounder.

The installation service we can provide

The fire alarm installation service we can provide includes:

  • A range of fire alarm systems from simple conventional panels to highly sophisticated addressable systems

  • Radio controlled systems where surface cabling is not acceptable i.e. historic houses

  • We use industry standard components and open protocol systems that can be worked on by any competent contractor

  • We have a comprehensive understanding of British Standards and can offer advice to our clients as to what is required to make a system compliant

Have your fire safety systems maintained by our directly employed engineers

The ongoing maintenance plan of your fire alarm system is also a legal requirement and we can provide a maintenance schedule to suit the system installed, the workplace environment and from an engineer local to you.

We can tailor our services and solutions to your specific requirements, whilst ensuring your business complies with all applicable British and European regulations. Combine these services with others from JCW, and we're able to offer even greater cost efficiency.