The leisure industry presents its own individual challenges to ensuring that guests and patrons enjoy each stay or visit in maximum comfort.

JCW Energy Services have the expertise and experience to support your leisure facilities’ individual needs. Our experience in supplying the leisure industry with HVAC and Facilities Management solutions over the years have resulted in the identification of certain unique requirements:

  • The nature of the industry demands maximum comfort of facility occupants
  • Need to manage varable room occupancy
  • Maintenance and repairs performed with minimum disruption to guests
  • The unique requirements for each amenity on the premises (bar, gym, etc.)
  • Separate provisioning for each room demands more flexibility
  • Requirement for guaranteed uptime of services and SLA’s that ensure year round clean, hygienic and optimum environment.

A flexible, robust and seamless climate control system ensures that patrons enjoy maximum comfort - whether it be in their respective rooms, a gym area or conference facilities. 

JCW share this commitment and are proud to be partners of  LG, Toshiba, Daikin and Mitsubishi Diamond Quality.

If you’d like to speak to us about any consideration or question around your climate control needs - feel free to contact us.