Why Client Testimonials are Important

The Buying Process

In a world where online reviews can now have a direct impact on our decision making process, gaining those all important reviews are essential to any business trying to sell products through their websites. But how important are reviews and testimonials to the building services industry?

Most would assume that positive testimonials are likely to be sought after from prospective new customers. This enables them to ensure the company they may do business with provides the service they say they provide. But testimonials can do so much more than that.

Here are three reasons why we seek testimonials from our customers:

Existing Clients | Written Evaluation

Whether it is a testimonial of satisfaction, or an improvement notice, gaining feedback from our current customers provides them with the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on services provided. There will always be room for improvement in the building services industry and constructive feedback can include suggestions on how we shape the way we, as their contractor, operate.

Clients who are active in providing feedback are essential to our business, and the industry as a whole, to ensure their expectations are either met or managed, to ensure they receive a realistic service level that meets the demands of their workplace. Outstanding service provision should be celebrated, mediocrity should be challenged and the chance given to improve upon.

New Clients | Recommendation

Potential clients look for new contractors that are trusted by their existing clients. When a relationship has been established over the years, a client’s testimonial demonstrates that their contractor meets, or even exceeds, the demands of the contract. New clients want proof that their company’s interests are at the heart of what their contractor will do and they want to know that genuine interest will be shown in their business and how the service provided can continually be improved upon, to give added value to the contract.

Contractors can claim to be reliable and trusted, have passion and enthusiasm in the services they provide, but when these comments come directly from their clients, the information is unbiased, comes to life and brings with it credibility.

Staff Recruitment | Motivation and Assurance

There is no better feeling than to be recognised for our hard work, but these testimonials have far more value than attracting new clients. We actively promote and share positive reviews across the company, as we understand that this also boosts staff morale. It can be affirmation of their performance as a team, as well as providing a positive outlook for staff to focus on.

Not only can it give our staff a sense of pride in their work, potential new recruits who read these testimonials can also see that we do go the extra mile for our clients and we do want our staff to be recognised for this. This in turn will bring appeal for others to work for us and attract the staff of the future.

Want to leave feedback?

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