As a specialist provider of mechanical and electrical maintenance and installation services we are a hub of industry knowledge and experience and are often asked for advise and guidance from our clients. We believe in giving added value to every customer, every visit and always go the extra mile. As part of our service we began to publish a range of useful eBooks for our customers, each providing information on legislation, compliance requirements and hints and tips on general good practice with regard to installations and asset maintenance.

We are delighted to share these with you, for free, all available in one area of our website. So, welcome to our new JCW Publications page.

We hope that our shared knowledge will help you be more proactive and preventative with regard to your buildings assets and that this in turn will help your company/business save time and money.

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Project related eBooks


A Guide to HVAC Project Planning

Download this eBook to find out more about:

  • How you can prepare for your next installation project

  • Service provider selection considerations

  • Read a few tips and interesting facts

  • Gain a little insight into how your service provider provide their service


A Guide to R32 Refrigerant

Download this eBook to find out more about:

  • Current legislation with regard to HFC gases (Hydro-Fluoro-Carbon)

  • The differences in refrigerant available

  • The pros and cons of R32

  • What the future may hold for HVAC systems

  • Pointers with regard to Project Planning and Service Provider Selection

  • Answer some Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance related eBooks


A Guide to Electrical Compliance and Testing

Download this eBook to find out more about:

  • Laws, regulations and health & safety surrounding electricity in the workplace

  • What electrical maintenance tasks you can perform yourself

  • What should be included in an electrical planned maintenance programme

  • Electrical maintenance and testing case studies


A Guide to Workplace Compliance

Download this eBook to find our more about workplace compliance covering:

  • Air and Ventilation Safety Compliance

  • Gas Safety Compliance

  • Fire Safety Compliance

  • Electricity Safety Compliance

  • Water Safety Compliance

General industry related eBooks


Building Lasting Business Relationships

Download our free guide to learn more about:

  • Reducing the vulnerability of key contracts

  • Better hiring practices for finding the best staff

  • Building first-class rapport with clients

  • Proactive client relationship maintenance 


10 Ways to Reduce Heating Bills

Download our free guide to learn more about:

  • What makes public areas unique

  • 10 key ways to reduce your heating bills

  • What level of savings could be made

  • What next steps you should take to realise the benefits