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Staff Profile | Design and Contracts Manager

Company and Staff Evolution

JCW has gone through many changes over the years, in particular is the Leicester office, which actually has history dating back to 1903 when it was then known as Wathes. The industry has evolved, as has the Leicester office which began simply as a local electrical contractor to now offering full mechanical and electrical maintenance and installation services nationwide.

Time for Reflection

As we complete our day to day tasks, it is easy to forget our roots. Some of our staff started their careers with us in one form or another and sometimes it is good to reflect on their achievements over the years. One of these staff members is our Design and Contracts Manager of our Small Works Department based in Leicester. Scott has been with us since he was just 17, it won’t be long before we celebrate his 25 years of continuous service. So we asked if we could produce a profile on his career with us to date, here are his words:

How did you first hear about the position with the company?

There was an advert within the Leicester Mercury in late 1995 advertising for an Apprentice Design Engineer.  I was working at the time as a labourer for a local fencing company. I was always interested in design and engineering in general, although I had no idea about air conditioning at just 17 years old. 

Why did you choose this industry?

At the time, I had no idea about the company or what it did.  A design and engineering role seemed to fit the profile of what I wanted to do as I’ve always enjoyed both elements. I quickly realised that the company had a very strong position in the industry as a whole.  Even with the various company changes over the years, this is still the case, with a family run background and being both staff and customer focused.

There is a lot of loyalty still to be found within the company with many long serving staff.

How has the apprenticeship helped you?

In a nutshell I wouldn’t be where I am or in the position I’ve obtained without the early dedication of the company towards my training, both in-house and externally and the apprenticeship I originally applied for. 

I went for the interview, if I remember in November of 1995 and was given the job in January 1996 on a permanent contract. Within 6 months, the company enrolled me to attend college 1 day a week for the next 4 years, where I gained both ONC and HNC/HND in Building Services Engineering from Basford Hall in Nottingham.  By 2004 I had become joint Design and Contracts Engineer.  This combined working on designs and estimating but also having the chance to run my own projects, from design to completion. I’ve been in this role ever since, progressing to Senior level and then to Manager in 2013.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

From day one of my career I have always liked the various  aspects of this evolving industry.  Every design or project is different, with varying degrees of challenges. From a design I have completed, to handing the finished project over to the happy customer is the greatest reward. Meeting new people and interacting with different client sectors, industry bodies, sub-contractors and suppliers also varies on a day-to-day basis and promotes the “no one day is the same” work ethic which I enjoy.

Would you recommend JCW and why?

Without a doubt. JCW is a dynamic company willing to change and adapt within the industry to better suit the needs of changing requirements of customers. Our Managing Director is also “hands on” and willing to help all staff in reaching both their goals and customers needs.

The Next 25 Years

JCW now employ nearly 250 staff, the majority of which are our mobile engineering workforce. We now work in all industry types, providing professional, innovative mechanical and electrical maintenance and installation solutions for your clients. Our growth is relentless and we are always looking for more staff like Scott, who have the ability to evolve within their job roles and keep ahead in an industry that is forever changing. If you are looking to work with a well established building services company and want to work in an environment where every day is different, then get in touch with us. Could you be the next Scott!?

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