Installing new technology

Installing new technology - Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF

Here at JCW we always embrace the introduction of new technology, especially when we know that this technology will be to the benefit of our customers.

New system to improve efficiency

Recently, one of HVAC maintenance customers approached us to provide them with some recommendations for a new air conditioning system for one of the their offices, where they had just renewed their lease. They wanted to improve the performance and efficiency of their heating and cooling to provide a comfortable environment within the premises. As they would be staying in the building for the foreseeable future, they were keen to look to new technology to provide this performance, now and for the long term.

Energy efficient Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF

With the regulations around refrigeration tightening, our main focus was ensuring that we offered a solution that complies with British Standard EN378. We concluded that the Mitsubishi Hybrid VRF (HVRF) would be the best way forward. With this office requiring cooling in some areas and heating in others, even in adjacent rooms, the Mitsubishi City Multi Heat Recovery R2 system met these requirements. The system distributes surplus heat from cooling operations (and vice versa) to rooms where it is needed. This efficiency could result in energy savings of more than 30% over the existing conventional system.

Four phase HVRF installation

The work was scheduled to be completed over 4 phases. The first involved the installation of one outdoor unit running 9 ducted indoor units, servicing a large open plan area and 5 individual offices. This phase is already complete and commissioning has taken place, with the support of Mitsubishi, to ensure the work has met their understandably, high standards. As a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner our work is rigorously examined to ensure we adhere to and exceed the highest standards in the industry covering installation and commissioning. This ensured the work has met their understandably, high standards.

Training was then provided with the staff on how to get the best out of the new HVAC system. With our customer satisfied, we gained approval to complete the final 3 stages in one, which is a far larger project, taking approximately 3 months to complete.

HVRF ideal for larger buildings

The new H-VRF systems are ideal for larger buildings to enable them to meet regulations. Water replaces refrigerant within the building which reduces the amount of refrigerant required within the system which saves on cost, especially with the vast increase in refrigerant cost over the last couple of years. No leak detection tests will be required which will also reduce future maintenance costs.

We were delighted to have been chosen to complete this project. With the final phases now being combined, we have already begun this installation work to provide efficient heating and cooling, and a stable environment for the staff of S4C. Click here to read the full case study, there is also a downloadable version.