Focus on Electrical Minor Works

JCW have history dating back to 1903 within the electrical engineering industry. Although our business model has changed over the years, the electrical engineering services we provide continues to form half of our maintenance turnover.

Electrical Compliance Testing

We provide our customers with planned maintenance contracts which include electrical testing performed in accordance with regulations, ensuring that our customers premises remain compliant. As this area of our business has grown, so has additional need for electrical remedial work to be completed.

To stay ahead of demand we have recently restructured our Leicester office to have a dedicated team of engineers conducting electrical testing and completing any subsequent remedial work that is highlighted.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 places legal duties on employers to protect the employed through the provision of a safe working environment. Statutory Compliance is a legal requirement and normally the responsibility lies with a nominated person or team within the compliant company.

As part of statutory compliance requirements, buildings need to have their electrical installations periodically tested. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is then completed for the premises and will highlight if any faults or defects require attention. Here are the definitions of the codes within an EICR report:

Code C1 Fault | This means that there is an immediate danger and requires urgent attention and repair as soon as possible

Code C2 Fault | This means there is a potential danger and is in unsatisfactory condition which require attention

Code C3 Fault | This means that a fault has been observed and there are recommended improvements that can be made

Electrical Minor Works Certificates

Any electrical remedial work completed following an EICR will require an Electrical Minor Work Certificate to confirm that the minor electrical work to which it relates has been completed and tested in accordance with BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations), this is a legal requirement for:

  • Alterations made to an existing circuit (without the change of the protective device)

  • Additions made to an existing circuit (such as a new socket outlet)

Our Electrical Minor Works Department

We provide national electrical remedial repair work throughout the UK for our clients. Our team of fully qualified electrical engineers are all NICEIC registered with a broad range of skills and experience working within various client sectors. Our electrical minor works team can provide:

Whether you are already a contract client of ours or are looking for a company that provide electrical minor works for your building and property portfolios, get in contact with us. All work conducted by us will be compliant with most recent regulations and Electrical Minor Work Certificates will be provided as required.