University of Bristol

Working with a higher education establishment in the maintenance of all air conditioning and refrigeration systems

The JCW Bristol office has worked with this higher education institution since 2008. Contracted to look after the planned maintenance of the university’s HVAC Mechanical equipment, JCW also carry out reactive and remedial repair services, as well as small projects in design and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

University of Bristol occupy a number of landmark buildings in the city of Bristol, from Wills Memorial Building, which houses the Schools of Law and Earth Sciences, to Victoria rooms, another familiar Bristol landmark, which houses the Department of Music.

JCW take pride in our relationship with this prestigious client. Through the challenges faced and many accomplishments over the years, JCW have gained  valuable experience in client synergy, technical innovation and service professionalism.

The University

This higher education establishment in the South West of England is one of the "red brick" universities, receiving its Royal Charter in 1909. It is the most popular multi faculty higher education establishment in the UK, with over 14 applicants vying for each single place. The university has an annual turnover of £347m and is the largest independent employer in the South West of England, with approximately 18,000 students.

Consecutive successes

JCW won the air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance contract at Bristol University in 2008 when it was put out to competitive tender, after having been with their previous incumbent for a decade. The contract spanned for a 3 year period with a 2 year extension, which drew to a close in 2013, at which time under government guidelines, the contract was again put out to tender. This time round the scope of works had increased to include gas boilers, steam boilers, air compressors, fume cabinets as well as twice the amount of air conditioning systems. Against fierce competition from large FM companies, JCW were successful in retaining the contract which has now tripled in size and value.

Installation Projects

JCW carried out many small jobs at Bristol University through various consultants, but the breakthrough came in 2008 when the maintenance contract was won and the all Mechanical HVAC opportunities were awarded to JCW directly. This was the beginning of a long and trusting relationship with the University. In addition to the routine services and maintenance, JCW has benefited from the University’s air conditioning replacement programme, as well as new installations through the expansion over the years, all of which has been managed through our Small Works department in HQ.

The Contract

The contract is generally for the service and maintenance of:

  • air conditioning

  • refrigeration

  • gas boilers

  • steam boilers

  • fume cabinet extract systems

  • air compressors

  • humidifiers.

The University’s preference of HVAC equipment is Daikin when supplying new or replacing existing equipment, as all air conditioning systems are connected through a central BMS system that is custom built for Daikin systems.


The higher education sector are extremely socially and environmentally responsible clients. They inspire contractors like us to be more innovative with designs, as well as to be always up to date with the latest sustainable technologies. As a result of this relationship over the years, JCW have gained much more than experience, we also actively promote a culture of progression.

JCW pride ourselves in the bespoke service we provide for the Bristol University, but more so, we embrace the way our clients shape our core values for the better. For this, and many reasons, we hope to be serving this higher education institution for many more years to come.