Create a great retail therapy experience

Remember when people didn't have the choice of shopping on the internet in the comfort of their own homes? Some consumers became tired of  sorting through shelf after shelf, sometimes under poor lighting, in narrow aisles. No wonder, so many choose to click for their purchases. The face of retail is changing, the term "Retail Therapy" should be just that, customers are looking for convenient choice in a comfortable environment so they can have a great retail experience.

Having a trusted maintenance and retail project contractor, working on your behalf can ensure the retail therapy experience is one that keeps those customers coming back.

As the trend from traditional retail shelves shifts into a focus more on consumer enjoyment, it is more important than ever for retailers to provide customers with the great retail therapy experience, as opposed to the dated seek-and-purchase process. With the ever increasing popularity of online retailing, JCW sees more and more traditional retailers transform their aisles and shelves into bright and eye-catching displays to show the potential of the items on sale, more like "showrooms" to help entice their customers in. This in turn has meant that our retail clients' requirements have also changed and we are on hand to offer our installations and maintenance support to retail stores and showrooms. We have helped our clients in providing their shoppers with an experience they can not find online, view our case studies here.

Our clients in the retail sector face a number of unique operational challenges in providing the right environment for shoppers and shop staff, such as:

  • High fluctuations in customer volume

  • Open door retail policy

  • Cost and energy efficiency of HVAC solutions

  • Size of the area within store or showroom to be serviced

  • Varying requirements per retail type

  • Range of properties in the retail portfolio (shopping centres, warehouse units, showrooms, listed buildings)

Introduce innovative, energy efficient technology for longevity, cost saving and customer comfort.

JCW Energy Services are specialists in the retail sector and have extensive experience in the installation and maintenance of stores, shopping centres and showroom environments for leading national retailers such as NextGoldsmiths, Tiger Retail and Arnold Clark.

Our specialist knowledge in the Building Services arena give us an acute understanding of the demands placed on retailers and showrooms to create conditions suitable for the comfort of their valued customers.

See how our experience with other retailers could benefit you: