They Definitely Walked the Walk!

Back in March we shared the details of a charitable cause our Company Secretary, Gemma and her friends had chosen to support. They really wanted to test themselves, mentally and physically to complete it.

The cause was for breast cancer awareness, the test was - Walk the Walk.

To read our original blog, click here to find out why the group chose this particular event to support a cause close to their hearts.

The event took place on 11th May and involved thousands and thousands of people walking 26.2 miles, at night. Gemma and her friends trained for weeks, building up their walking stamina, but this still may not have prepared them fully for the actual event…

Blisters, sweat and tears!

The group all completed the challenge and we caught up with Gemma to find out how they got on, here are her words:

How many people joined in the event?

“Over 15,000 people in total that set off in 6 waves, we were in wave 1 that started at 10.30pm, we finished at 06:23am.”

Were there any stand out groups dressed up, apart from yourselves!

“Loads, the most memorable was the Abbaesque group with gold flares and bras.”

What was the atmosphere like?

“Everyone starts extremely enthusiastic in a huge tent full of 15000 people, with singers and dancers on stage, inspirational talks from the Moonwalk CEO and a group warm up. Unfortunately, I cannot say that the atmosphere remained like that as the miles increased!”

What was the hardest part?

“Walking through the night and getting no sleep at all, and the last mile, which was all uphill.”

How did you do as a team support?

“Our group of 12 stayed together for the first 6 miles and then broke into smaller groups to make sure no one was on their own. I and two of my friends, finished in 7 hours 53 minutes and as a group we have raised £7,266.79 so far, with a few more sponsorships still to come in.”

Would you recommend this event to others looking to raise money for the cause!?

“I personally would never do it again! I heard that some people do it every year. One lady we met had done it 7 times!!

The thing that made it all worthwhile was my best friends sister Mandy, who is going through chemo currently, meeting us at the finishing line, as a surprise at 6am - there were a few tears…”

How to donate

JCW would like to congratulate all those who took part in this event, and Gemma and her team for raising such a huge amount.

The blisters, sweat and tears were all worth it, raising support, awareness and funds for organisations to help all those dealing with, and living with cancer.

Although Walk the Walk is over for another year, you can still donate to this worthy cause. Every little helps, so if you would like to support Gemma’s efforts, please click here to go through to her page.