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Scott Avery

Our Amazing Staff

Of course, when it comes to how we perceive our staff we are always biased. As a company employing nearly 200 staff, with numerous customers providing a 24/7 service, we often lose sight that our staff don’t just work hard during their days, but many continue this in their private lives also.

We often publish posts about the charitable work our staff do within their communities, tirelessly raising money for worthy causes and here we have another example of a member of staff who just doesn’t rest when he gets home!

Scott Avery is our Purchasing Co-ordinator. By day he is the man that makes sure the equipment we need is in the right place at the right time to ensure our engineers can complete their jobs.

By night, Scott turns into a life safer.

CPR Training 1

Saving Lives

After watching a television programme about volunteer responders to the emergency services, Scott knew this was something he had to do. So, for the last three years Scott has been a volunteer First Responder for East Midlands Ambulance Services through the Oadby and Wigston Community Responders Scheme, of which he is a trustee.

Oadby and Wigston Community Responders Scheme is founded and run by volunteers who give up their spare time to attend emergency calls in their community. The Responders will attend certain types of emergency calls in the area where we live or work with the aim to reach a potential life threatening emergency in the first vital minutes while the ambulance crew travel to the scene.

In the last year Scott has contributed an incredible 290 operational hours towards voluntary activities.

CPR Training 2

JCW Staff Training

Scott recently offered his services to provide potentially lifesaving training to the staff in Leicester on CPR and the use of De-Fibulators. Defib equipment in public areas is becoming more and more common and yet few people really know how to use it. Scott wanted to ensure that JCW staff are more prepared should they need to save a life. In return he asked for donations towards the Oadby and Wigston Community Responders. Many of our office staff snapped this opportunity up and the Leicester office turned their Board Room into a lifesaving training area for a day.

Matt Browne, who kindly allowed us to photograph his participation, said about the training:

I thought the session was excellent. Having gone through CPR training before it was a real eye opener as to how much I had forgotten. Scott had some great tips on assessing the scene before taking any actions to make sure that you wouldn’t be putting yourself in danger.

Matt learning to save lives - Photos by CAtherine Knee

Matt learning to save lives - Photos by CAtherine Knee

The session was a lot more in depth than anything I had taken part in before in regards to what scenes you might walk into and with Scott doing this on a regular basis it came naturally to be able to describe different situations. Having never used a defib before its certainly given me more confidence in its use and this could increase the chance of saving someone’s life by around 40%.

Also, knowing that the defibs talk you through everything step by step gives you that extra confidence that if you’re in the situation later on and have forgotten a few things then it will help to bring back what you were taught in the original training.“

Scott added “The day was a great success and everyone seemed to enjoy the demonstration and partaking in the practical work. It was great that so many staff got involved and I hope it gives them some confidence should they find themselves in an emergency situation”.

The sessions were so successful that JCW will be rolling this essential lifesaving training out to our Supervising Engineers who are out on the road everyday so they too can benefit and feel confident should they find themselves in the situation where these much-needed skills can be put to use.

Thank you to the Leicester staff for supporting this event and of course to Scott for organizing it and for what he does voluntarily in his spare time, inspiring us all.

If you would like to know more about Oadby and Wigston Community Responders, click here to visit their Facebook page.

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