Engineer runs an Ultra marathon

Only an ultra engineer could run an Ultra marathon!

Update from Jon:

Our HVAC engineer, Jon, is currently in training to run an ultra marathon in August, to raise funds and awareness for Bristol Mind. You can read his original blog below.

We caught up with Jon recently to see how his training was coming along. Here is an update from him:

“We are regularly running 16-18 miles on a weekend and that will go up over the next month peaking at 30 miles. We do a midweek run of around 6-8 miles and do strength and conditioning training twice a week. A few visits to the physiotherapist are involved also to keep the injuries under control.”

Please support Jon in his fight against Mental Illness and the stigma attached to it by following the link to his Just Giving Page and donating what you can. Every donation really does help.

At JCW we are very proud of our staff who continually push themselves for the good of charitable causes. Some do this for the sheer challenge, others compete or join in because the cause may be close to their hearts. Whatever their motivation, staff who are this committed make us very humble. This is very true of one our engineers who just wasn’t satisfied with completing marathons!

The Green Man Ultra

Our HVAC engineer, Jon, is no stranger when it comes to pushing himself physically and has already completed a marathon this year. He and his friend Marcus are now in training for the next step up - The Green Man Ultra. This event is run twice a year and is often muddy, providing challenging conditions to run in - for 45 miles!

Jon and Marcus are putting themselves through their paces in support of Bristol Mind. Bristol Mind aims to promote mental health and reduce stigma. Services include: advocacy services; Mindline, free phone, out-of-hours, listening support; phone and web site information; a service evaluation project and a Training Project offering mental health promotion courses. The organisation also supports self-help and user groups.

Raising Money for Bristol Mind

We asked Jon why he had chosen this event to complete and why this worthy cause to support. Sadly Jon has first hand experience with mental health in his family and here are his words:

“On August 24th both myself and a friend will be taking part in an Ultra Marathon (Running 45 miles in a 11 hour target time) in order to raise money for the charity, “Mind”.

This will be a cross terrain race that will challenge both my physical and my mental capability. Having already completed two marathons (Bournemouth and The Great Welsh Marathon). I can only imagine how testing and gruelling this challenge will be. I’m sure this will be the icing on the running cake!

The charity I have chosen to run for is especially important to me as my father had a long struggle with his mental health. My late father endured a long road with mental illness. Struggling with his day to day function and ability to rationalise feelings and emotions that tormented him for a long time.

Unfortunately, due to another illness, he passed away before we could find him the right support that was suited to him. I’m confident he could have been helped if we’d of had more time.

He battled daily with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). An illness that robs you of your happiness by removing your ability to combat your worries and fears due to excessive rumination and debilitating repetitive behaviour.

Please support me in my fight against Mental Illness and the stigma attached to it by following the link to my Just Giving Page and donating what you can.

All donations large or small are greatly appreciated.”


Support Jon and Marcus

If you would like to support Jon in what, will no doubt prove to be, both a mental and physical challenge for him, please follow this link

On behalf of all staff of JCW we would like to wish Jon and Marcus the very best for the fundraising and completion of this event.