Industrial Premises' Maintenance Needs

Industrial vs Commercial

Industrial and commercial sectors involve many different premise and business types. Many businesses within the commercial or industrial sector will share similar maintenance service requirements, they can also be vastly different. We’d like to share our knowledge, collected over years of experience with both the industrial and commercial sectors, so that if you look after one of these types of premises, you may find this helpful.

Industrial sector is defined by their production or manufacture of goods, whereas the commercial sector focuses predominantly on making a profit from the goods. Therefore, industrial premises are designed to suit the use in “industry” and commercial premises are designed to engage in commerce.


Commercial M&E maintenance, repairs and installation projects are safety, compliance and aesthetic focused. This client facing sector include restaurants, offices, shopping centers, and they can serve as community hubs to provide entertainment, leisure or service to masses of people daily. People would not need a safety debrief to enter into these areas, and people should not be disturbed by the presence of service or repair engineers.

The Ship Commercial Office
Shopping Centre

In addition to well maintained premises, commercial offices rely on ease of client access and attractive client facing areas, all of which are achieved with a focus on client safety and comfort.

In commercial planned maintenance, contractors may proactively plan services at certain hours to miss specific busy times. Site etiquette is a must when training commercial maintenance engineers. If maintenance or project at a commercial site involve the decommissioning of any systems, such as electrical, mechanical or gas, the recommission should only be carried out by certified engineers for the safety of the premise users.


Industrial Plant Room

JCW’s industrial sector clients include construction, factories, manufacturers, warehouses. Some are nationwide with a handful of distribution locations in the UK with planned maintenance contracts. Others operate from a large single location with a team of JCW resident maintenance engineers on site daily.

Industrial units and estates are almost always located in an out of town location. Manufacturing sites, distribution centers and factories benefit hugely from these locations due to their need to dispatch and receive materials, parts and goods 24/7. This means maintenance contractors like us can easily attend locations when there is a reactive call out. Also due to their need to store goods, most premises are built up high, which means access to some maintenance services require lifting devices.

Due to the heavy plant machinery used within industrial businesses, as well as the complicated floor plans. Unauthorised personnel without site and safety training should not be allowed beyond certain points of the premises. This is why we coordinate only our site trained engineers to attend call outs on these industrial locations, as more time saved on attendance is more time saved from non production.

Are you planning an HVAC or gas installation or maintenance project within your industrial or commercial property? JCW offers decades of experience in project and maintenance planning. From retail showrooms to commercial offices, from industrial factories to warehouses. Our engineers are here to support your business with safety, compliance and projects. Contact JCW today to inquire about our national maintenance services.