Regulations Regarding Electrical Compliance and Testing

Electrical Compliance & Testing

Do you know what your responsibilities are regarding electrical compliance in the workplace?

With changing legislation and 'grey' areas with regard to what the regulations expect from building owners and people responsible for property portfolios, it is no wonder that some may be a little unsure as to what their responsibilities actually are.

We have history dating back to 1903 within the electrical engineering industry and our customers have peace of mind that we are looking after their electrical assets, ensuring they remain compliant in accordance with current legislation.

With this in mind we decided to share some of our knowledge and experience with our customers in the form of an eBook - A Guide to Electrical Compliance and Testing. The purpose of this eBook is to provide Facilities and Building Managers with a guide to the laws and regulations that govern electricity in the workplace and good practice with regard to maintaining electrical installations and equipment.

The eBook will also provide:

Planned Electrical Testing
  • a little history of this essential energy source

  • how it can be sustainably generated

  • overview of the regulations

  • what maintenance can be conducted 'in-house'

  • guidelines on a planned maintenance regime

  • supporting case studies

You can download this eBook by clicking here.

We hope you find our guide useful, please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information on electrical testing or compliance within the workplace.

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