Considerations for Facilities Managers

added value

In our last post, we discussed 5 fundamental things that Facilities Managers (FM’s) should include in their service level agreements (SLA’s) with heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) service providers. This blog supplements that post with a focus on certain value added services that FM’s should look for from their HVAC service provider.
Value added services typically complement the core services that you would expect from SLA’s. These services aim to bolster the relationship between supplier and customer, and hold benefits for both parties involved.

From an FM’s viewpoint, value added services present opportunities to ensure that equipment runs better for longer while costing less over the long term. Here are another 5 useful ideas to help you manage and optimise use of your HVAC equipment.

5 great value added services FM’s should expect from their service contractors

  • Best Practice Advice: A system that consistently provides quality climate conditions requires knowledge of best practices. Your service provider will add considerable value to your product by assessing your premises, its occupancy level and climate requirements, and then guiding you on the ideal operating conditions and parameter settings to ensure maximum comfort and product efficiency. A knowledge transfer session with your supplier will ensure you operate your equipment optimally all year round.

  • Service Availability: Most SLA’s offer services between typical working hours, but this might not necessarily meet the requirements of your business. Be sure to identify your unique requirements in terms of HVAC service availability and discuss this with your service provider to ensure that all bases are covered. Breakdowns do not necessarily occur on a time schedule!

  • Energy Audits: Energy consumption can be a major expense for organisations, and if not given proper attention, could see your budget stretched exceedingly thin. Site energy audits will help you to control your equipment’s consumption trends and to take corrective action if needed. Savings can be quite considerable, especially for larger, multi-site operations.

  • Extended Warranty: Many HVAC service providers offer extended warranties on installed parts. At a relatively small cost, extended warranties could possibly save you considerable expenses in the long term. Be sure to ask your contractor about extended warranties – especially around the more expensive parts of your system.

  • Legislation and Industry Developments: The HVAC industry is always changing, with new and more efficient products and services regularly announced. Similarly, FM’s need to understand and take account of legislative changes (eg. relating to energy consumption and working environment). Your service provider should provide you proactively with advice on how newer developments can benefit your organisation, and insight into what you need to know to meet increasingly stringent energy efficiency and employment legislation. Speak to your preferred provider about how technologies such as Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) may benefit your organisation.

Value added services reduce your risk

Your HVAC equipment usually runs for long hours over extended periods, hence the importance of ensuring that its operation is based on best practices that ensure both quality and longevity.Extreme weather conditions mean that your system is sometimes required to operate at high levels, which intensifies the demands placed on it. So make sure that your service provider delivers these value added services, over and above their “day-job”, to ensure that your systems run cost-effectively and your building’s occupants are safe and comfortable.