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Workplace Compliance Air and Ventilation Safety

The Law:

HSWA 1974 & Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992

Following the latest revision of our popular eBook A Guide to Workplace Compliance we are launching a number of short blogs highlighting each essential section. In this blog we look at key air safety compliance concerns.

The HSWA 1974 (Health, Safety and Welfare) and Workplace Regulations 1992 addresses the issues around the need for business owners to provide adequately safe and healthy working conditions to their employees and occupants using their buildings.

Key air safety compliance concerns

The law requires minimum temperatures of 16°C in general working conditions and 13°C in situations where strenuous labour is performed. The workplace is required to be at a comfortable temperature. Workplaces are required to be adequately ventilated, thus providing clean air to employees and building occupants.

Other than failing to deliver suitable working conditions, under-performing and infrequently serviced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems pose several health and safety risks.

Health risks associated with poor air quality

  • Spread of air borne bacteria causing illness and disease.

  • Respiratory difficulty in individuals with Asthma.

  • Health risks associated with breathing combustion fumes created by furnaces and other gas appliances.

  • Heightened irritability due to poor air quality.

  • Inadequate air ventilation in buildings with high moisture levels may contribute to structural degradation.

How can you keep your building compliant?

As a Facilities, Maintenance or Building Manager, keeping up to date with the laws and regulations that govern the workplace is an essential part of the important job you do. Acts, Regulations and Statutory Instruments work in conjunction to bring about a framework of good practice within which you and your business can work to meet your obligations to provide health and safety in the workplace.

To find out more about what is required to ensure your workplace environment meets today's requirements, download our eBook - A Guide to Workplace Compliance. Within this eBook is some useful information on air safety and ventilation safety as well as other areas of workplace compliance. There are checklists for you to follow highlighting, with easy reference, what your responsibilities are.