What is Our Mission Statement?

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Over the years our company has gone through many changes. What started off as a mechanical installation company with one office has evolved into a nationwide, mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance company employing nearly 200 staff. This company evolution has been brought about through industry changes, economic climate, expansion and acquisition. 

So, who are we now? What do we represent? How do we want to be viewed by others in the industry? Most importantly, what do we want our customers to know about us? Read on to find out more…

Strategy Meeting

Every year our Board of Directors hold a Strategy Meeting where we analyse the decisions made and the action taken over the previous year and look to the years ahead to form a clear picture of where the company is going and prepare a plan to take us there. During our last meeting, we discussed how much the company had evolved and realised that as much as we knew what we wanted our company to symbolise, it was quite possible that our staff and customers might not.

We took a look at our Mission Statement and decided that this no longer represented us and our company as it is today so decided to start again, this time involving all the Manager’s within the business.

Manager’s Meeting

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Following the Strategy Meeting we hold a Manager’s Meeting annually. During this meeting, we completed an exercise whereby the staff could choose 5 words that best described our company, what we do and how we do it. The list they had to choose from was prepared during the previous meeting when we had a brain storming session, we just needed the list to be condensed.

Here are the 5 keywords chosen by our staff that they decided best describe us:

•    Customer Focused
•    Trusted
•    Specialist
•    Professional
•    Innovative

It was decided that these 5 keywords should be used throughout our business. They should be discussed with prospective employees, form part of our staff’s annual appraisals, be advertised to our customers and potential customers as being the core mission and values of our company.

What do these words mean to us?

Customer Focused

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Our customers are the reason we have a business, that is quite simple, but it isn’t just about providing a service and being paid for it. 

We want to get to know our customers, having as much knowledge about them and their needs help us to ensure we deliver exactly the service they require. As we forge a deeper relationship this evolves into a long-term partnership. We can help them grow and in return we grow with them. We want to build our customer loyalty which gives us a secure base and often leads to referrals which in turn helps our business grow.

We encourage open communication with our customers, we all make mistakes and we want to learn from those as well as the successes. Being able to discuss issues freely uncovers both our strengths to apply in the future and the weaknesses that need to be addressed that may affect our growth.


This can cover a range of elements including being trusted on our customer premises with their staff and customers or simply trusting us to be there when we are needed most in cases of emergency. Having trust in our abilities and that we hold the insurances and accreditation's needed to conduct the work we are employed to do.

Trusted can also mean to be a Trusted Advisor. A Trusted Advisor looks to form long term relationships, puts customers interests in front of their own and is genuinely interested in our customers businesses. We are reliable and credible, show passion and enthusiasm in our work, towards our clients and have a great desire to achieve and impress.

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We are not a one stop shop. We are not all things to all customers. We specialise in mechanical and electrical engineering. Our engineers are fully trained, qualified and actively encouraged to widen their skills and experience within their field. We support main contractors where they don’t have our expertise in house, we work directly with customers and together with consultants. We have gained an enviable reputation for technical expertise and are proud to advertise this.


It is easy to say we are professional, but what does that actually mean? JCW believes being professional can be shown in a number of ways both visually and in how we act.

Our staff are required to be appropriately dressed given their job role, we have a clear Staff Code of Conduct which has these guidelines as well as a structure on how we should behave towards ourselves and others. Promptness, be it for meetings or engineer appointments, being on time is an expectation both internally and externally.

We believe being professional also means showing a positive attitude which can demonstrate character and integrity.

Communicating effectively is key. In our industry, we are in contact with customers and the public through all forms of media. Whether we are on the telephone or writing an email, it is important that we express ourselves with confidence and clarity. No matter how we are communicating we must be pleasant to deal with and respectful of others always.


Small Works Team

We pride ourselves in our ‘can do’ attitude. When we are faced with a problem where a standard solution just will not work, our staff are encouraged to think outside the box, to use their skills and experience to find a method to fix the fault, safely while ensuring the work conducted meets legislation and regulations.

We call this behavior innovative. It isn’t a new idea or device as such, it is the application of a solution that meets new requirements, unarticulated needs or an existing need.

We actively encourage our staff and engineers to come up with new ways of doing their job, we believe this gives us a competitive edge and the ability to adapt. We are constantly looking to change and improve processes, source new products and generate new ideas.

Our Mission Statement

Going back to the original question, what is our Mission Statement? 

Our Mission Statement comprises our staff’s ethos on what our company is, how we behave and the level of service our customers can expect. 

We wanted our statement to highlight the principles that guide the company and our staff and show our commitment to our people, customers, community and the industry.


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Our Mission Statement is this:

“Always customer focused and professional, we provide trusted advice and implement innovative solutions for specialist services. This enables our customers to provide a safe, comfortable, compliant and energy efficient environment to their people.
We recognise our responsibility to the health, safety and well-being of our staff and the public. We strive to grow our business with integrity by contributing to the communities we serve while being socially and environmentally conscious.”

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