The importance of the subcontractor code of conduct


Working with subcontractors is an important part of the everyday work that JCW Energy Services does - so we needed a way to ensure we all work together in the most efficient way possible. That is why we have put together the JCW Subcontractor Code of Conduct. Read on to discover why this key document helps us foster better relationships and ensure excellent communication for all.

Legal compliance

It’s entirely possible to be compliant with all the relevant health and safety legislation without a formal code of conduct, but it’s usually the most efficient way to ensure laws are complied with. Using a code of conduct ensures everyone has read and understood the relevant procedures and legislation. It also assures that both property and people are kept safe.

Being a ‘Safe Contractor’ requires more than just a piece of paper

Everyone in the industry is familiar with what being a ‘Safe Contractor’ means, but just having the certification isn’t enough - our online portal allows complete transparency with certification, allowing all interested parties instant access to relevant documents. All Safe Contractors are required to sign up to our health and safety check as part of our subcontractors Code of Conduct. This ensures all necessary procedures are adhered to and potential risks and accidents are avoided as much as possible. A safer workforce is a happier one!

Security is our top priority

Safety and security are hugely important - but true comfort only comes from knowing how to prevent issues. Our code of conduct ensures co-operation between all relevant parties, which brings its own level of extra security, which in turn fosters better communication and relationships. Signing up to the code of conduct demonstrates that all parties possess all necessary skills, certifications and qualifications to ensure the safety of visitors, inhabitants and employees involved in every project.

Co-operation is key

It’s arguably easier to work in a close-knit team who know each other well than it is to involve several parties who have never met and have different working practices. A code of conduct is an essential part of tying together a more cohesive team.

When everyone understands what is required of them, it’s far easier to build rapport and create excellent working relationships. If you’d like to learn more about building rapport in the work environment, take a look at our eBook, available for free download below.