How JCW Works with Main Contractors

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We recently published an eBook on the best ways to establish, build and maintain relationships with main contractors. With that in mind, we thought we’d detail exactly how JCW Energy Services gets the best from our partnerships. Read on for more about our best practices, procedures and mobilisation tips.

Devising an effective, dual relationship

We have worked with a vast portfolio of varied clients and so we have developed our own methods for being as adaptable and flexible as possible. Whether we’re working alongside a main contractor, under our own banner, or with main contractors, wearing their livery, we have to make sure that we deliver excellent service. We train our engineers to the standards of the client they will be working for - ensuring they are are clear on the aims of the client, project and, where necessary, the end-client. But how is this best achieved?

The importance of the tender

The tender process is one of the most crucial steps to an efficient and effective project and this is how we will ensure expectations are met and usually exceeded. Information regarding relevant policies, Key Performance Indicators and Service Level Agreements will all be explored at this juncture. Further meetings with relevant stakeholders will ensure we can provide proactive and effective mobilisation as well as forging strong relationships with all personnel and engineers involved.

Proactive maintenance recommendations

JCW Energy Services prides itself on its policy towards helping businesses save time and money by making recommendations that can preserve the integrity of equipment. Proactive and preventative maintenance, coupled with pragmatic advice, ensures the companies we work with don’t make unnecessary purchases.

Working with main contractors is a delicate balance - we have learned how to provide our specialist expertise whilst working in complete harmony with our partners. Our open book policy keeps the lines of communication open and ensures relationships with all parties are strong, co-operative and transparent.

If you’d like to know more about developing good relationships with main contractors, download our eBook. Covering proactive customer relationship maintenance, customer retention and advice on building rapport from procurement to implementation, it’s available free