JCW Recognising Long Serving Staff

jcw mick long serving

JCW are committed to their staffs' well being and maintaining a low staff attrition rate is not only important to our clients but to the company as a whole.

To show that JCW has a winning formula when it comes to looking after their staff was very evident over the last few weeks when Managing Director, Kurt Hedgley, proudly presented certificates to long term serving staff to mark their loyalty and achievements since they joined us.

Certificates were awarded to:

Michael Stevenson, National Installations Manager (pictured here on the left) for 25 years
Brian Pullin, Electrical Engineer for 25 years
Gary Rowell, Senior Electrical Engineer for 25 years
Mark Cockayne, Electrical Engineer for 35 years (pictured second left below)
Paul Dark, Installations Supervisor for 25 years (pictured second right below)
Paul Staton, Electrical Engineer for 35 years (pictured left below)
Steve Wilson, HVAC Engineer for 25 years (picture right below)

Kurt (pictured here on the right) thanked them all for their contribution to the company over the years and said "Long term serving staff are an aspiration to others within the business and the industry as a whole.  Some of them joined us as apprentices and we are so proud that they remain loyal and continue to grow with us as they are the ones that will inspire the next generation of engineers.  It was an honour to thank them all personally."

Michael Stevenson who received his award for 25 years service said "Someone once said to me if you find a job you love you will never have to go to work.  I think of myself as very fortunate to work here and am looking forward to the next 25 years!"

jcw long serving
jcw long serving
jcw long serving
jcw long serving

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