Renewable Energy and the Consumers of Tomorrow

Renewable Energy Learning Curve

As a growing company JCW are becoming increasingly more aware of our responsibility with regard to our environment and our community. We have always been enthusiastic contributors to charity and active with charitable events. We also understand and are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in how we run our business but we don’t always tell you about that!

But now we have something we really do want to tell you about!

Renewable Energy Learning Curve 2

Developing Awareness of Renewable Energy

We all know that our children are our future and passing on important experience, knowledge and lessons learnt will enable them to build on what we have achieved. Renewable energy is a relatively new concept and we ourselves are learning more and more about these important technologies every year that passes. Just think how much more we will know in years to come and how our children will develop this far in to the future.

Renewable energy is part of the curriculum in Primary Schools and we have teamed up with Mitsubishi Electric who run a programme suitable for both Key Stage 1 and 2 children from their Renewable Training Centres.

Renewable Energy Learning Curve 3

The Learning Curve

We asked Reed School, a school who we provide planned maintenance services to their air conditioning systems, if they would like to bring their pupils along to this programme called The Learning Curve.  Very keen, their Head Teacher accepted our offer and we have now arranged for them to bring 27 pupils along to learn about how renewable energies technology works through interactive classroom and grounds activities centred around the themes ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’.

The session also gives the children a chance to look at energy use as a whole while focusing on solar energy, heat pump technology utilising air and ground source energy.

Mitsubishi Electric have run these events since 2011 and so far has seen more than 2.500 pupils take the challenge to consider how they think society should cope with increased demands for energy use, whilst also seeking to combat climate change.

Our first Learning Curve event will be held in November and we have no doubt it will be a great success and much enjoyed by the pupils and we hope to continue this theme and invite other schools that we work with to participate in the future.

Consumers of Tomorrow

We at JCW are very proud to say that, with the support of Mitsubishi Electric, we are actively considering the environment by educating the consumers of tomorrow to be me more savvy when it comes to the future of renewable energy.

To find out more about our Environmental Commitment, click here.