Ventilation system maintenance for the workplace

Better indoor air quality with bespoke maintenance plans

Our mechanical ventilation accredited engineers offer statutory compliance inspections as well as maintenance and repair services to your ventilation systems as part of our bespoke Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) service plans.  Keeping the workplace well ventilated and the mechanical ventilation systems well maintained is a statutory requirement in the UK. JCW have the expert knowledge in exactly what is required within your maintenance plan to ensure you meet current regulations. Read more about work place compliance here.

Key air safety compliance concerns

The law requires minimum temperatures of 16°C in general working conditions and 13°C in situations where strenuous labour is performed. The workplace is required to be at a comfortable temperature. Workplaces are required to be adequately ventilated, thus providing clean air to employees and building occupants.

Ventilation system types for all industry sectors

JCW is experienced with the maintenance of ventilation systems designed for all industry types, our clients are commercial offices, industrial warehouses, public schools and retail stores. We understand that poor indoor air quality contribute to many health risks at different work and leisure premises, the health of staff and patrons should be paramount.

Below can be avoided with a well maintained ventilation system:

  • Spread of air borne bacteria causing illness and disease.

  • Respiratory difficulty in individuals with Asthma.

  • Health risks associated with breathing combustion fumes created by furnaces and other gas appliances.

  • Heightened irritability due to poor air quality.

  • Inadequate air ventilation in buildings with high moisture levels may contribute to structural degradation.

Some sectors we work in:

JCW’s Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contracts

Our bespoke Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) PPM contracts team provide tailored packages to meet client specific requirements. We include mechanical ventilation maintenance as part of a full HVAC maintenance service plan.

Under serviced systems will work over time to provide the same amount of fresh air, increasing energy consumption and the chance of breakdown. We want to make sure your ventilation equipment works to its full potential and lifespan, prevent unnecessary emergency call outs and save money on energy running costs. Fresh air ventilation systems provide essential air exchange.

Other maintenance services we offer: