We provide design and installation services of heat recovery systems UK wide

The need for energy efficient heat recovery is ever growing. The rise in energy prices and further environmental commitments places an increasing burden on organisations as they seek to reduce energy consumption.

Heat recovery units are supply and extract systems delivering filtered fresh air into a building whilst extracting stale stagnant air from inside.  Each unit has a heat recovery element that is capable of transferring the heat that would otherwise be lost into the incoming air flow.

Heat recovery systems can be adapted to incorporate cooling, additional filtration and sophisticated control packages.

Sources of ‘wasted’ heat

There is likely to be a source of ‘wasted’ heat in any building whether it is a retail unit, commercial office or industrial plant. Wasted heat from common sources can present an ideal opportunity to be recovered and provide a more cost effective form of heating. The following are common sources of wasted heat:

  • ventilation system extract

  • boiler flue gases

  • boiler blow-down

  • air compressors

  • refrigeration plant

  • exhaust gas streams from furnaces, kilns, overs and dryers

  • power generation plant

  • plant cooling systems


JCW Energy Services can provide a full project management service to utilise ‘wasted’ heat in your building. We can install heat recovery systems that can incorporate a number of heat recovery, ventilation technologies and control systems. The provision of the most cost effective and energy efficient heat recovery ventilation system can help reduce energy use and consumption in your building.