The Building

Just a year ago we won an HVAC installation project tender which we very proudly completed during 2017. This particular project was very important for a number of reasons; the building was extremely iconic in the area, had been saved from demolition and it gave us the opportunity to show case our capabilities and provide an excellent service while under pressure from a tight deadline.

The building we completed this project on was The Ship in Plymouth (click here to read the HVAC Installation Case Study).

JCW’s Mission

The Ship was saved from demolition and bought by Burrington Estates. We provided the new owner a turnkey, HVAC design and installation service during the refurbishment of this stunning building.

We have the ability to not only design and install HVAC systems through our own directly employed engineers, we also provide a first-rate HVAC maintenance service, again through our network of directly employed, mobile engineering team.

Following the successful completion of the project to The Ship we were subsequently awarded the HVAC maintenance contract. Regular maintenance of any HVAC system has many advantages, read on to find out more.

Importance of HVAC Maintenance

There are two reasons, as an HVAC service contractor, we are called: the first is because a system is either broken or not working properly; the second is because our customer understands the wisdom of a proactive approach to HVAC maintenance.

Maintaining HVAC systems ensures that our customers, their customers and their staff enjoy the comfort the equipment is intended to provide.

What are the benefits of proactive HVAC maintenance?

The benefits of a proactive HVAC maintenance programme are numerous:

  • provides a more consistent environment to staff, occupants and customers

  • pre-empt hazardous situations and provide clean, healthy air all-year round

  • provide the buildings management staff with a more regular view of their equipment’s health and overall status

  • considerably reduce energy consumption

  • increase equipment lifespan

  • ensures the system is maintained to the manufacturers specification which keeps the warranty valid

The benefits of keeping the HVAC equipment regularly serviced and well-maintained will serve to save energy, alleviate the overall strain on the equipment and provide clean fresh air to the occupants of The Ship.

HVAC Maintenance Programme

We installed the HVAC equipment to The Ship and, as we consider with all our installation projects, ensured that the system was installed with ease of maintenance in mind. We worked closely with the client including Adrenaline so that the fan coil units were located and accessible in between the varied play activities such as the trampolines.

We agreed that there should be 2 HVAC maintenance visits per year for the Mitsubishi air conditioning equipment and 4 visits per year for the Close Control system as this is located in a business critical area.

Site familiarity is key to the success of any maintenance contract and we use the same lead engineer to manage and carry out the planned preventative maintenance.

We are a Mitsubishi Diamond Quality Partner which is the highest level partnering status recognising unrivalled achievement and industry excellence. This means our engineers are trained directly by the manufacturer which gives our client and their tenants reassurance that the equipment will be maintained to the highest standard which will ensure that the equipment runs to its optimum potential and manufacturers warranties are protected.

Our Operations Director, David Short added:

As the original installer of the Mitsubishi HVAC equipment we were delighted to then be awarded the ongoing maintenance for The Ship.

For us this is quite a regular HVAC maintenance contract, it is just that the work is carried out in a rather unique building.”


Mark Grimwood

Sitel Facilitiies Co-Ordinator

I am writing to compliment your company and the local engineers who have been working on the site here at The Ship in Plymouth. They have done a great job helping us set our systems up to provide a solution to the varying requirements for open plan offices. Your team are very knowledgeable on the equipment and the controls and we have found them very accommodating when working around the many staff members on site.

Martin has been a great help in adjusting the schedule of work for us. We would be more than happy to have JCW complete any future work needed.

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