Choosing an HVAC Installation Provider

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As a heating, air conditioning and ventilation installation company, we can tell you in great detail about the variety of systems we have installed, the extensive client list, the fantastic warranties we can offer. Are we telling the truth or just a good story? 

In our most recent blog we look at the following subject headings, all of which should be considered when choosing a service provider with proven experience for your next installation project:

  1. Advice & Design

  2. Price vs Quality vs Service

  3. Experience

  4. Equipment Choice

  5. Supply Chain

  6. Tailored After Sales Service

Choosing HVAC Installation Provider

Advice & Design

You may be experienced in setting up a new installations project for heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment and know what you are looking for and from whom. With new rules and regulations regarding refrigerant gas it is always wise to still seek advice and ensure you are completely up to date with systems available on the market today. Also, looking long term, ensuring that the equipment installed today will meet with future regulations while being as energy efficient as possible.

Some service providers may not have in house design capabilities and use outside sources. Often this arrangement works well, however, the company installing the equipment and providing the maintenance service will have an in-depth knowledge of the system recommended and how it may be best placed. 

Companies like us, with in-house designers, can work together seamlessly ensuring that the design meets the requirements of the building and the equipment being installed to best effect.

Price vs Quality

Price vs Quality vs Service

Which is most important to you? Companies who are about to embark on an installation project will generally have a Cap Ex budget. They will want the best quality system available, fitted to the highest standard, for as little as possible. 

Sometimes a compromise needs to be met and if you are using a well-educated, experienced service provider, they should be able to find this compromise and still offer suitable equipment with an exceptional service, regardless of your budget restrictions.

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Referring to the point above regarding Price vs Quality vs Service, it is easy for companies to suggest they offer all of this, but can they?

Your service provider should be able to provide you with case studies, client testimonials, references, evidence of the support and training they have received from their business partners/manufacturers such as Daikin, Mitsubishi or Toshiba

The company's accreditation certificates also prove they are trained, experienced and adhere to health and safety regulations and should hold BESA, Safecontractor or an equivalent approval. Insurance cover to ensure suitability must always be checked as part of due diligence.

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Equipment Choice

In this day and age, we are used to having choice, regardless of what we are buying. In some cases, we have too much choice and it is hard to make a decision. The same goes for air conditioning equipment. Not only are there various types of systems, as mentioned earlier but once a system is decided upon, the choice of equipment available by various manufacturers is vast.

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In a lot of cases, a number of manufacturers could fit the bill, then it comes down to price and the warranties provided. Providers who have long standing relationships with these manufacturers and have discount agreements in place based on the amount spent can offer you quality products at more affordable prices. 

Supply Chain

Sub-contractors and how they complete their work should be treated as an extension of the employed workforce. They need to hold the same insurances and health and safety policies as well as proof of their experience and accreditation within their own fields.

Sub-contractor relationships also need to be nurtured. Regular performance meetings should be held and two-way feedback requested to ensure they are providing the best service but also to make sure they are being supported and the relationship continues to be mutually beneficial.

To find out more about how to build lasting business relationships, click here to read our eBook.

Tailored After Sales Service

At installation stage, the ongoing maintenance programme may be down the list of importance. How frustrating is it when you have had equipment installed that fails and the installing contractor has no after sales services, such as emergency response call out facilities, or may even be unable to actually maintain the equipment themselves.

This can be extremely frustrating for you, therefore, it is important to consider, when choosing your service provider, can they provide the after sales service should something go wrong? Can they maintain the equipment to ensure that warranties remain in force? Do they have a 24-hour emergency service available when you need it most?

A company, like ours, who can offer it all would be ideal. Installs clients become future maintenance clients. Your service provider should plan maintenance visits to keep warranties active and ensure that equipment continues to run efficiently.

Also the support of 24/7 Service Desk, providing around the clock emergency response service when it is needed most, is the very least you should expect.


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