A Revised Guide to Workplace Compliance

The Importance of Workplace Compliance (revised)

As a company who work closely with Building, Maintenance and Facilities Managers we know the one issue that has most importance is ensuring your buildings remain compliant under current regulations. We also know that trying to find those regulations, clearly explained, with one reference point would save a lot of time and trouble in individual research.

Five years ago we produced a very useful eBook entitled A Guide to Workplace Compliance. This eBook focused on areas where regular maintenance plays a vital part in maintaining health and safety standards that are conducive to creating working environments that are safe and comfortable for employees and occupants. This eBook was extremely popular and we have now revised the content to ensure it has up to date information and references.

Within the eBook we look at the regulations applying to the services and systems needed to run existing buildings as opposed to building fabric, new builds and construction work. 

The key areas we will be revisiting are:

  • Air and Ventilation Safety Compliance

  • Gas Safety Compliance

  • Fire Safety Compliance

  • Electricity Safety Compliance

  • Water Safety Compliance

We will also briefly cover other areas such as Lifting Equipment and health and safety practices such as the prevention of Legionnaires disease.

We provide for each category:

  • an overview of the relevant regulations

  • the key compliance concerns for Facilities and Building Managers

  • references

  • some interesting facts and figures

  • a compliance checklist

Our scope focuses on office and retail environments rather than factories, and construction sites. Also, whilst the rules in this document do apply to the healthcare sector (e.g. hospitals), there are also additional regulations that apply to these and other critical areas.


Download the eBook

To find out more about Workplace Compliance - download our eBook - A Guide to Workplace Compliance.