Getting to Know Us Part 3 | Service Desk for a Day

With nearly 200 staff located throughout the country some in various offices and most being mobile engineers, individual staff members can be forgiven if they do not know what their colleagues do during the course of a normal working day.

Our Staff Matter

We at JCW Energy Services thought it was about time that staff had a little more insight into the daily workings of the company through the eyes of the staff themselves. Hence the third in a series of blogs, each featuring a day in the life of a member of staff. #gettoknowus

JCW Staff national Services desk

Part 3 features our very own Paige Siddon. Paige became part of the JCW family in August 2016 as a service desk coordinator based at the Leicester office. Paige took a career change from practicing beauty full-time, and since joining us she's found herself on a constant learning curve for all things service and maintenance related. She has now become an invaluable and well-respected member of the JCW team, and of course all the girls also love her for her extremely useful skills and experience in make-up, nails and all things beauty related!

We will let Paige do the talking now...

0600 – Running wakes me up in the morning and prepares me for the day ahead, so I go for a quick run in the woods and get some fresh air (but not everyday, especially not if its frosty...).

0630 – Before I get showered and ready for work, breakfast usually consists of Special K and a chat with my little sister.

The Service Desk operates on a shift pattern, so depending which week I am on, I will start at either 0700, 0730 or 0830. Lucy, our Service Desk Manager plans this rota.

JCW national service desk team

0645 – This week, I am on earlies and I get to work at quarter to 7. This gives me enough time to set up my PC, make a cup of tea and settle down at my desk ready for the phones to start ringing.

Our phone calls are directed to our trusted out of hours bureau between 1700 to 0700 on weekdays, who subsequently get in touch with either an on-call engineer, supervisor or on-call manager directly.

0700 – Is when I log on my phones and start taking calls from our engineers and clients. Any new attendance requests will be logged on to our CAFM system, including their priority level and fault description. Every job that I log, I will then allocate to an engineer.

Allocation: We see a live feed of the whereabouts and the availabilities of all the engineers by name. If it is an urgent call out, then I will call the relevant person and make sure they can get there within the required time frame. If it is a lower priority job, it will be allocated and a note sent to the engineer so they know that it needs completing within a certain time frame.

JCW National Service Desk colleague

0730 – I am joined by more members of the team. Now that there are more of us answering the phones, I can start logging the attendance requests from the night before forwarded to us from the out of hours bureau. I can also start running reports on client jobs and chasing for updates on any that are still on the outstanding status list.

I am responsible for assisting Next, Goldsmiths and the Tiger Retail contracts. I monitor and ensure that jobs are booked in with the correct engineer and completed within the contract SLA's as well as liaise between the engineers and account management team for any issues they have come across. I will raise concern if I can foresee a problem occurring and look at what we can do to resolve the issue.

0830 – We now have a full house on the desk and it’s not quiet anymore.

1130 – LUNCH TIME…… A nice salad! Except I misjudged the amount of onions I included… so now the windows are open and everyone’s holding their nose!

Full national service desk JCW

1230 – Back on the phones now, more of the same, yet very different attendance requests with array of different requirements. This continues throughout the day all whilst I’m chasing outstanding jobs.

Our wide spread of engineers mean those remotely-located may feel disconnected and isolated. Part of my job is to make all members out there in the field, feel included and connected to the wider team. So, on a daily basis we make contact with engineers that haven’t been in touch with us and make sure they are all fine and happy.


1500 – Home time. Another busy day in the office done and dusted, and now time to go home. Tonight I have my friend around to do her nails, this is one of my favorite ways to relax as well.


Our Service Desk has the daily contact with the engineers, helping organise their diaries and ensuring they have the tools and equipment to complete their tasks. It is important that they build strong relationships with the engineers and clients as well as the account managers because they are the first point of liaison for all. Our Service Desk have also formed good relationships with our network of specialist subcontractors, as they are responsible for the allocation of this work and to ensure that our subcontractors also have all the information they need to complete their allocated tasks.

Our Service desk not only ensure scheduled works are completed to service level agreement requirements, they are also constantly in contact with the client's site managers in reporting on job progression. In addition to performance reports on completed, outstanding and overdue jobs, they are responsible for many aspects of information handling through our CAFM system, this includes time, actions and all communication records.

Recognising Commitment

With this blog we wanted to recognise the dedication all our support staff across the group and give a little insight into what their role consists of. The role is demanding but also rewarding and JCW are keen to support the development of all our staff.

Every year our managers hold appraisal meetings with our support staff to learn about their personal and development needs, and offer any training required to further any career goals. We are constantly in discussions about how we can grow the company as a whole and personal development is an important part for the future growth of the company. JCW are committed to providing staff the opportunity to really feel part of this ever evolving company.

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